Hello my name is Ray and I have a dangerous addiction to Topshop.

I am also scoffing office buffet on my lunch as I type this (its bloody lush).

I went through a phase of hating Topshop not so long ago as the store in Durham is VERY limited and what appears nice on the website in person isn't that nice. However since the massive store opened at Newcastle last year- its been a very dangerous love affair. The best thing about the Newcastle store is its now seen as one of their major flagship stores, so whatever you see on the site 9/10 it will be in the Newcastle store.

To an extent I do think Topshop is over priced (especially their knitwear and jackets) however other items I think are quite reasonable and they're better quality. But for night out clothing- for me you'll only ever see me in Topshop (with the odd exception)- its at the stage now that if I'm out with my cousins (who all are like me) we have to bbm each other and find out what we are wearing so we don't turn up in the same clothes.

Anyway- tomorrow Topshop are releasing their "Dress up" range of statement dresses. As far as I'm aware the collection is of limited edition items which go by the motto "why dress down, when you can dress up". Key pieces from this collection include a pale pink tulle tutu, a black leather dress with gold studding and the all over rainbow sequin dress.