This has to be one of my all time favourite nail polishes from Models Own along with Nude Beige, its one of the colours I seem to continiously come back too time and time again. It looks fab on your fingernails and your toe nails.. let me intoduce to you all..(drumroll)...

Raspberry Crush.

This colour is a more pinker (raspberry- stating the obvioius aren't I) take on the classic postbox red, and for me is far more wearable than bright red. These pictures were taken before my holiday so my nails are quite long, however you can see how vivid the colour is.

I normally take this colour with me when Jill does my infils, and one coat can last up to 10 days without showing any signs of wear at the top of my nails. Give it two coats (like in the picture above) and it lasts two weeks plus. If I wear this on my toes (I'm not going to gross you out with pictures) this can last up to a month, which I think is really good going.

Like all Models Own polishes Raspberry Crush dries super fast and provides a real glossy finish- I don't bother with a topcoat, and unlike other red polishes doesn't stain your natural nail. Definately a polish I highly recommend for work and for play.

Have you tried Raspberry Crush yet?? xx