I know I have jumped on the Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots bandwagon about these about 20 years later than everyone else however, after seeing them on a few blogs/sites (namily lookbook), I really really want a pair.

image via google

I'm want either the first pair or the brown pair on the second lines. However considering I'm already 5ft10 do I really need a pair of shoes which claim to be 5" high (yes I know I wear 5" heels normally for a night out), yet actually look way higher.

I was going to elaborate on the above some more however I'm half asleep and I can't remember what I was going to say. Think my brain is getting ready for Easter holidays and 10 glorious days off work- roll on 11.30am Thursday.

Two random things-
I've found grey things in my cous cous salad which look like slugs- I feel physically sick.
Did you know Justin Bieber songs have hidden messages?

Oh the JC boots are £120 from Office (however they're sold out).