Hope everyone is having a fab bank holiday weekend- remember to make the most of this as there's no more long weekends until August :(

If you follow me on twitter you may have noted that the other week I got into a bit of a bidding war on ebay for a polka dot blouse form Topshop. I was having that shirt whether the other bidder liked it or not. So basically it involved me paying WAY over the odds for it, however its love. However its a prime example of how rubbish the sizing is in Topshop- this shirt was too big on me and it was a size 8- sorry but I ain't a size 8 (flattering to the ego, yes, but in reality I know I'm not).

So back on twitter last Sunday, I was complaining about my war wounds from falling over, outside of le shack in the smoking area in front of everyone. Best thing was, I was sober when it happened. My cousin pulled on my arm while I was standing on some guttering, I went over on my ankle and then went down like a sack of spuds. Even though I lost my dignity while I was down on the floor, and I was mortified, luckily the lederhosen protected my modisty haha.

Cue outfit shot en route to the loos..
Lederhosen aka Leather shorts- Topshop
Sheer Blouse- Ebay (Topshop last summer)
Break your ankle tranny shoe boots- Topshop
Chanel med/large bag.
Random bracelets (not seen)- H+M, Ebay and Primark
Fat Buddhas- priceless.

A few months ago, I asked what do you want to see more of on the blog and you said personal pictures- so here's some pictures from the rest of the night....

Work of art- cherry blossom cocktails, fab buddhas and handbags.
oooo red hair.

Posing with a random fascinator.
The warwound :(

Don't look back in anger- Kayleigh and moi.

Feeling the cheesy music!!

Looking forward to next saturday with Adele, Ellie and Laura!!! Bring it on!!