Once upon a time there was a little TV show called Byker Grove on BBC1 which followed the lives of a bunch of kids who went to an after school club in a little old place called Byker in Newcastle. Along with its catchy/annoying theme tune- this put Newcastle on the map.

Quite a lot of famous people have hailed from the toon/north east...

Gazza, The Angel of the North, Jimmy Nail

Princess Cheryl, PJ and Duncan (aka Ant and Dec) and Queen Ray.

However starting tonight (10pm, MTV) is another reality tv show to reinforce the age old myth that people from the North East like to party.

Geordie Shore.

Sophie, Jay, Vicky, James, Holly,
Greg, Charlotte, Gary.

(sad fact- I've seen Gary on nights out before)

Ready to learn the lingo??

I telt you- I told you.
Gettin mortal- Getting Drunk.
Tash on- Getting a snog.
Ya tarkin shite- You're talking rubbish.
Hoo's you fettle- How are you?
Am gannin oot- I'm going out.
Clarts- Dirt.
Heym- Home.
Me Marra- my friend.
Reet- right.

Put it in practice- So I telt ya all that i'm ganning oot down tha town and am ganna be gettin mortal with me marras.

Everyone loves a Geordie!!

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