Ray passed this on to my for my comments as I'm the powder/mineral makeup fan between us, and I wanted to give it a go with my much loved mineral powder base...  this is my first crack at sigma brushes but I am tempted to say it won't be my last, especially if the hubby is any good at taking hints :)  
Imgae via sigmabeauty.com

I won't go into it too much, as there are many reviews out there already but suffice to say, I really loved this as it's soft, dense, spreads the powder better than the brush that came with the product and also looks uber cute in my handbag for retouches.  Another huge advantage is, with it being retractable, it won't get wrecked/mucky/dirty the inside of my bag if I take it out. I have also put some mineral makeup on the end of the bristles, put the cover back on and popped it straight into my handbag for going out - it's so portable! 

It's currently on the list of "Things I need to take to hospital with me when I go to have babyJEM" along with Batiste dry shampoo, my birth plan, and the TENS machine :)  (I know, a girl's got to have priorities, right?)   No photos of me I'm afraid as I'm blotchy and spotty as hell (pregnancy glow my royal foot) at the moment but as a soft brush for powder foundation I would give this a good 8/10. 

The only thing marking it down is that I prefer a long handle on my brushes normally so would normally chose a full length brush, but that's just personal preference and as I've said, it's brilliant for travelling/keeping in handbags as it keeps clean and I can't get over how soft the bristles feel against my skin!  The other thing is, I've only been using it a week but so far have yet to see any moulting occuring even tho I've washed it already.  

I have yet to try it with a liquid but so far it gets high marks for all powders - mineral base, blusher and bronzer.  If I ever head back to a liquid foundation I'll give this a go and get back to you :)    

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  xxx JEM

* This brush was provided for review purposes. All views are JEMs own and are as always 110% honest.