4.30 can't come quick enough, this week has dragged and then kinda flown over. Just bought the most lush pair of heels ever on my lunch, will post them next week sometime. I've collected everything clothes wise I've bought over the last month to do one massive collective haul post for you.

Far too excited for Monday to see the mighty 4 piece that is TAKE THAT with the has been Plobbie there for the craic too. Still no babyJEM, J is well and truely fed up now and everything she tries to kick start labour isn't happening- my money is she gives birth on Monday.

So last Saturday night, or as it should now be named as "The night Ray went down like a sack of spuds" I was out causing scences (whats new there) and I thought I would do a quick whats in my bag post. I've got an outfit post and some random pictures of the night too but I haven't had time in sorting my camera out, so that will be up next week sometime??

First up- the bag.. 
Chanel M/L Flap in Caviar Leather with SHW.

I actually use this bag as a clutch and then later on in the night when I'm dancing away have this over my shoulder. For some reason the bag looks tiny when photographed but it is actually a canny good size.

The junk in my trunk...

This is how I have to strategically place my things in the bag. Plenty of room left for the old blackberry.

The bare essentuals I need for a night out...

Chewing Gum
Boob Tape (you never know when it may come in handy)
Mac Lipstick in Hue
Mac Eyeshadow- Shadow Lady (strongly recommend this if you have green eyes- review to come soon)
One by One Mascara- love love love this.
Models Own Eyeshadow brush- never take my Mac ones out after I left my 219 brush in the loos in Buddha :(

What items can you never go out with?? Let me know if you've done any of these posts and link me up below (I'm nosey thats all)

Have a fab bank holiday weekend regardless of the shitty weather forcast xx