So blogger is refusing to upload my fabulous picture of my latest Topshop wants. You will have to make do with a picture of moi from Saturday night when I was out with Kayleigh. This photo was taken mid-beautiful man perving in Buddha, and I do not like how pale the flash has made my face. Obviously as Kayleigh doesn't know about the blog, I've cut her off. I don't even like this photo but I'm putting it up anyway- I feel like I look old.

Also- this photo gives a good representation of how red my hair goes when I use the Revlon Nutri Colour Creme. I'm going to do a proper red hair care maintenance post soon. Plus I hate lack of air con in bars, my curls always drop out half way through the night- grrrrr.

Floral Dress- Top de la shop
Hair extensions-
(Not seen)
Tan Belt- Primark
Watch- Asos
Bangles- Ebay/Primark.
Black Shoe Boots- Dorothy Perkins.
Bag- Chanel Medium/Large Caviar bag (black, silver hardware).

Day one of back on the uber diet- GIVE ME CHOCOLATE NOW!!!