I actually have quite a backlog of NOTD pictures to share with you all, so I may do a NOTD week- I don't know yet- I might not. So these pictures were taken over Easter weekend, while my extensions were still on, I've since had my extensions taken off, so some future nail posts may be of my extensions. I'm planning on doing a seperate post of the condition of my nails since the extensions have come off, and there is no damage on my natural nails.

My new favourite summer nail polish-

OPI Cajun Shrimp.

As you can see this is a fab coral based red- a fab take on pillar box red. My Blackberry hasn't really picked the colour up that well, but its bright!!

Ignore the state of the bottoms (well top on that picture) of my nails- I couldn't get an appointment to get my nails off, so I was stuck with them (and its a shoddy paint job by me). Like all OPI colours which I have used on my extensions, the colour has lasted a good 5 days before any wear on the top of my nails.

The consistency of the polish isn't as thick as Model's Own polishes and you do need  2-3 coats to get a good coverage, however as you can tell by the colour- its definately worth it.


I'm currently wearing another OPI colour on my natural nails, and lets just say the colour has lasted a day before the dreaded chipping is back.

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