As you read this and JEM's post below, I should be recovering from seeing my beloved Take That, so like the good blogger I am, I've pre-scheduled todays posts. Another aspect which you wanted to see on the blog was more hauls, now as you know I buy a lot of clothes and I never post pictures of them, bar from the occasional night out photos. I think the items below are all the clothes etc I've bought this month, I really can't remember as due to Primark and Topshop's dodgy sizing I've returned quite a lot of items.

So what have I been spending my dough on this month...
Sheer Polka Dot Shirt via Ebay (you can see an ootd with it here)
Lemon Flower Print Twist vest (warning this is small fitting across the old boobage, so I got mine 2 sizes bigger).

New Look Skinny Leg Jeans-  I hate New Look sizing for Jeans, I couldn't get my normal size over my knees. Not happy about this, but I needed some light coloured jeans to wear for Take That and Primark didn't have any light jeans in.
Primark Long Gold Necklace- only £3.50 and it looks very similiar to the one I bought for £12 from Topshop last year. Mr T eat your heart out.

Primark Satchel- bargain at £9. I needed an across the body bag ready for Take That and this fit the bill. I know there is a lighter version of this bag (I'm sure Hayley has it), however I prefer the Tan. You can get loads in it.
Primark Maxi Dress- had to get this 2 sizes smaller as it looked like a tent on, however I love the colour and for £9 you can't be robbed. I can't believe how long Primark maxi dresses are, considering I'm 5'10" and this trails on the floor for me. Think this may get an airing out this week.

and finally..
Sexy Shoes from New Look.
They're peep toe, have a massive platform and heel, are suede and for a bargainious £19.99 it is love!!

So those are some of my buys this month, come tomorrow this won't be the case, bring on the spending ban.

Had to edit the post to include a sneaky peek of yesterday's concert (I'll do a proper post soon). Right at the front- hell yeah!!
I could have died!!

Still no BabyJEM over a week overdue now.