Don't worry I haven't caved and gotten my nail extensions put back on, however last Monday at the mighty Take That all my nails on my right hand decided to snap off, which resulted in a lovely infection in my thumb- would that have happened if I had my extensions on?? Nope.

This NOTD was taken way before the extensions were taken off and will be the last NOTD you will see sans nail extensions. My blackberry/camera won't pick up the true colour of the polish- however I can assure you this is bright red. A more classier red (if that makes sense)
Please ignore the botched nail painting job.

You can see on the picture on the left how shiny the nails are (I never use topcoat). However like most of OPI red polishes you needed two coats for a decent finish. Ignore the state of my little finger nail- lets just say I went on a works night out and woke up the next morning with a missing little finger nail. Hence the dodgy looking nail on it.

The colour lasted about 5 days without any wear at the top of my nails- which considering I'm used to 7 days+ without any wear/tear, this is a teeny bit of a dissapointed. Personally I prefer to use this colour for a night out, I feel its a bit too much for day to day, yet that is my opinion. I think its due to the fact that my extensions are too long. I'll try this on my natural nails and see what its like, as I love red polishes on my short nails.

Normally this bottle retails for about £9.99 however if you live in the North-East the shop Collectables is having a massive closing down sale and you can pick up OPI colours for £4.99-5.99.

Oh met Baby Lily last night- she's teeny with really long legs and MASSIVE feet!!