I put this together the other week before deciding on a spending ban.. however I still want these things...

Silk Bow Tie Blouse, £30 Asos, Purple Back Neckline Dress, £34.99 Zara, He-Shi Dark Foaming Mousse £27, Take That Tee, £10 Tesco, Leopard Print Side Split Maxi, £50 Topshop, Pink Panel Skirt, £24.99 Zara, Yellow Lace Flower Embellished Top, £45 Topshop, Turqouise Zip Back Vest £28 Topshop, Leather Jacket, Primark, Orange Rounded Hemline Dress, 39.99 Zara.

On a positive however- I tried the red dress on in Zara the other week- looked horrible on. I couldn't find the beaded Topshop vest or the white skirt in Zara, and the pink Zara skirt made me look HUGE. Oh and come to think of it, Metro Topshop never had the turqouise zip back vest in stock.

More money in my pocket!!