Its time...

I need to start saving money as Holly's wedding is creeping closer and I need save up for a house deposit, and presents for when BabyJEM decides to make an appearance (any day now). So for the month of June I am on a spending ban- cutting down on meals out, no make up/beauty products, no wasting money.. and the worst of all..

NO CLOTHES (well kind of).

However there are some exceptions to this which I would have bought last weekend but I never went to the Metro, so I'm off there tonight with Holly...

- Skirt and dress from Zara (depending if they're in stock).
- Floral beaded top from Topshop (only if I get the skirt from Zara).
- Bridesmaid shoes (might wait until July though).
-Take That Ticket for Glasgow.

I'll keep you updated every Monday of how I'm doing, but I'm determind to try and cut right back this month. Its going to be bloody hard I know that, but I'm going to give it a go.

Anyone want to join in with me on a spending ban??