Sorry I meant Stadium of flying piss..

So last Friday I went to see Kings of Leon at the Stadium of Shite/Light at Sunderland/Scumderland. Was it good?? Hmm Michelle and Stephy both got splattered with drink/piss, and me and Steph came out 20 mins before the end as I nearly passed out. Never known a gig so violent/rowdy, esp how KoL never came on stage til about 9.40 (they were due on at 8.30). Tbh I was kinda disapointed with the lack of auidence interaction etc. But they were good and I would go and see them again (providing I had seats haha). I would also do Jared.. good and proper...

White Lies on the other hand... EPIC!!

Michelle, Charmaine, Moi
2 pint bad boys!!

I met/fell in love with Cockney Jesus

Mona- suprisingly very good. Before the piss started flying.

White Lies- fucking epic!!

My fantastic view of the stage... hence no KoL pictures!!