Today is the 30th June... my favourite day of the money- PAYDAY!!! Which only means one thing- the spending ban can go bugger right off!!

image via google.

So the last week, spending wise its been so-so- no clothes have been bought. If your on my facebook you may have seen a status update that Papa Dave was standing at the Mac counter in Amsterdam airport asking if I wanted any duty free and the best thing was as it was "duty free" he was going to pay. Now no-one in their right mind would refuse some free Mac, so I asked for the MSF in soft and gentle, and Cremecup lippy (needed this for Holly's wedding anyway).

However, guess how much cheaper the prices were compared to the full price back here in the UK- an entire 25p, yes you read right- 25p cheaper. So as I felt bad, I gave my dad the money for it. £35 down the pan.

So at the end of the world's most pointless shopping/spending ban- how much have I saved this month...


Now considering I always save £500 a month anyway, am I really that much better off?? Nope. So to celebrate this massive waste of time, I want one of these skirts..

All Saints Devo Skirt (left) and Shell Skirt (right) both £115.50 in All Saints Sale.

Moral of the story- spending bans are a waste of time/effort/money.Go spend your money ladies!!

Double whammy of posts for you tomorrow- Blog Stalker and a post on what I'll be up to this weekend.