The spending gods are loving, and I mean loving this spending ban craic. Me on the other hand.. well and truely narked off with it, I've gone past hating it now.

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I've checked my bank balance and to be honest, am I any better off so far this month- nope not really, and I've cut the spending right back so god knows where my money is going too. So this week I've had to buy a new lip balm- I tried to not buy any and use the old vasaline on my lips, however I hate vasaline on my lips so that went out the window. And what else did I buy... oh yes some Aussie colour protect shampoo- I know I have plenty of my John Freda stuff left however I always use Aussie before a night out. All on why I use that and hate/still use John Freda on a blog post in the near future.

So technically so far a good week.. yes.

Then I bought tickets to go see the Saturdays in December at Newcastle on pre-sale, and then maybe I ordered the River Island dress I wanted last week from asos for Saturday night. However the spending gods didn't want me to have that as the 12 was too big and then the 10 covered exactly 1/3 of my backside. So more money in my pocket I suppose.

Kings of Leon and Saturday Night out for Kayleigh's birthday I expected to have spent a small fortune, however suprisingly I only spent less than £30 on both (£10 KoL and £20 on Saturday)!! Thats one for the books.

Sunday I gave Papa Dave or Sexy Dave (as Stephy calls him, I call her dad Sexy Dave too) his Father's Day present, well he's still to decide what he wants and says he'll let me know, so obviously that doens't come in the spending ban. I also may have bought a peach grandad shirt from Topshop via ebay on Sunday too- a bargain buy it now for a tenner, when it was in the shops for £40 a few weeks ago- brand new with tags. What else, oh I managed to snap my all time favourite River Island necklace at work a month ago, and I'd managed to win one on ebay for 99p with a pound p+p. I always wear it for job interviews, so I needed to get a back up.

This weekend I'm house bound, was debating a shopping trip to Newcastle however thats not going to be happening as I'll spend spend spend, I also want some Liz Earle tonic/toner which I think will be getting ordered sometime this week. I have some other things I will be buying either this week or next for a certain someone's hen do (yes Holly you), so those won't be mentioned on here, and apart from that no more spending from me.

Payday is 9 days away... 9 days of this hell to go!!!
That was a bit of a ramble haha.