I think the title of this post gives the game away. I am not a happy bunny with this product at all. Its actually since gone in the bin since these photos have been taken.
I've been staring at the bottle of this on my desk at work since the week after I came back from my holidays- so that would have been say April?? And I've finally gotten around to reviewing it. Now my all time favourite aftersun/moisturiser is Hawiian Tropic Butter which you can get from Boots or Home Bargains (£3.99). However after burning (we all know what happened) and peeling I decided to get a cheap bottle of moisturiser to keep on my desk at work.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Aftersun was on offer, and as I've always liked the scent and this brand, I thought I would give it ago. Now look closely at the writing on the bottle.. does it mention any additional products in it?? Nope.

So after showering I lathered myself in this (excluding my neck/face) and the scent and colour/consistency is exactly the same as any Garnier product. It absorbed really quickly into my skin and really hydrated my dry flakey skin. Off to bed I went... thinking everything was fine...

Next morning, I woke up to the stench of FAKE TAN. Half asleep and confused, I thought I must be imagining it. Cue getting out of bed and finding myself half fake tanned/half natural tan!!! Looking very closely on the back of the product I found that it contained the dreaded fake tan!!

Cue a not very happy and half oompa loompa Ray!!

In all honestly, would I recommend an aftersun with fake tan in it? Should aftersun actually contain fake tan?? Imagine slathering yourself with this, when your burnt on holiday- what a lush sight that will be the next morning. After this experience, I won't be buying this again, and checking in minute detail as to whether fake tan is secretly hidden in it!!