Sometimes I think I need to be smacked with a stick- the plan for last night was to upload the pictures onto my laptop ready for today and tomorrow's posts. Yeah so that didn't exactly go to plan.. come half seven that was me out for the night.

Those who are close to me know how much I love my sleep and how I can't cope/function with at least 8 hours of sleep a night. And yes I am known for partaking in an afternoon nap or two. So instead of seeing pictures of the weekend/the suprise I have for you later on in the week you are all going to have to make do with mine and Holly's nail of the hen weekend.

As the theme was Rocky Horror, red nail polish was a must. I was debating whether to use my Opi Red Ayers Rock polish (see review here), however due to it chipping like a good un last time I had it on my natural nails, I remembered I had this polish hidden away in my drawers (also check me out taking pictures for the notd post when I should have been getting ready lol).

Barry M Bright Red

On these pictures I've actually used three coats of the polish as by Saturday morning (I painted them Thursday night) there was signs of wear on the tips of my nails. I really like how glossy the polish comes out- I think with this polish the more coats, the better the shine.

My paint job is a bit dodgy, as I kinda may have fallen asleep (suprise suprise) after painting them, so a couple of my nails have sheet marks on them.  I think because I am so used to the thicker consistency of Models Own polish and being able to get away with one coat, I'm not used to having to build layer upon layer of polish up. However I do love this colour, and as its an in your face red- it does what it says. A top coat is a must with this polish as if you run your nails over some paper etc, the colour does come off.

Think I will be checking to see whether Models Own do any bright red polishes or maybe another drug store brand- any suggestions??