And its Friday...

Could today get any better!!

So I initally did this payday wishlist last Sunday and since then, the last week has been a bit of a shopping frenzy. I'm still on the hunt for something to wear tomorrow night- thinking an after work dash tonight to Topshop (even though the one in Durham is rubbish).

Considering last month I haven't been on the spending ban, I've actually saved way more money than I did when on the shopping ban. See I told you shopping bans were a waste of time. However as its Holly's wedding 4 weeks tomorrow, I am trying to curb the spending this month. So the things I want, I've had to really think about as to whether I need it. I'm still ebaying my life away trying to make some space in my wardrobes, sounds daft but some of my clothes have sentimental value and I don't want to sell them. But needs must.

So what have I got my eye on this month...

Aztec Skirt £165, All Saints BOUGHT
White Cashmire Vest £22, Topshop Boutique
Yellow Envelope Laptop Case £20, Asos RETURNED
Antelope Animal Print Wedges £80, Topshop.
17 Falsify Mascara £6.49, Boots. BOUGHT
Sully Fluropink Halterneck Dress £41, Reiss

If you follow me on Twitter (@raywhoisshe) you will have seen how narked off I am with trying to get one of these embellished All Saints skirts, I'm keep being outbid. However on my lunch on Monday I thought I would quickly check ebay and see if any skirts in my size had been listed. My size in the Aztec Skirt with a buy it now- seriously it was too good to be true. I've bought it and fingers crossed its in good nick. I ordered the Asos clutch for going out this weekend, however its not as nice as it looks on the website (gutted). I doubt the Reiss dress is going to be avaliable in my size as its in the Sale, however I'm off to Newcastle next Saturday with Holly so I'll be checking their store/John Lewis/Fenwicks to see if they have it in.

The animal wedges I think will have to wait until next payday.. you will see why later on. I need a new white vest for Holly's hen do in a smaller size as I'm sick of having to pull my current boutique vest up, as it has a habit of falling down all the blooming time. Managed to get my hands on the Falsify mascara last week- so far I'm quite happy with it- I'll be putting that to the test tomorrow night. I also want some hot rollers, I've got my eyes on the Babyliss 30 Ceramic Rollers, as thats what the hairdresser used on mine and Holly's hair for the trial, Sally's sell them for £55 however I've managed to see them somewhere for £29 with free p+p (I love a good bargain)

Anyway back onto why I won't be buying the Antelope wedges this month, Monday night I got a message on ebay saying that THE ALL SAINTS SHELL SKIRT IN MY SIZE WAS LISTED ON EBAY BRAND NEW WITH TAGS AS A BUY IT NOW (and breathe). I was in two minds as to buy it considering I just bought the Aztec skirt. However after a lot of thinking, I decided to buy it. It came yesterday in the post, and its in immaculate condition, and it fits perfect. Roll on Holly's hen do pt 2 and you'll see the pictures of it in action then. Debating whether to sell the Aztec skirt when it comes however I'm going to hold on to it for a bit while I make my mind up (yeah I'll end up keeping it).

So a massive thank you to Natalie for letting me know about the shell skirt!!!

Massive post for you there!! If you are interested in taking part in your face of the day on here, comment on the post below.

Have a fab weekend and don't do anything I wouldn't do!! xx