I know I'm well behind on the band wagon with my June favourites, however I have no idea where the time has gone too. I can't believe its been two weeks since Holly's hen do, and its already mid July. Time definately flies when you get old (aka 26). Anyway this week I haven't had chance to read/comment on many blogs as work has been super busy and then I'm going through the phase of "selling my life away" on ebay (hence the blog sales on here) as I literally can't fit any more clothes into my two wardrobes and two sets of drawers.

So "Blog Stalker" will be back in a couple of weeks, I'm hoping that we may see a NOTD post or something from JEM too. Also I'm still going through the faff on with trying to figure out the All Saints skirt sizing (if you have a sz 10 gold Devo Skirt you want to sell, email me), as I really need the Devo skirt for Holly's second hen do. Apart from that my life is boring, no going out nothing. Plus I have a backlog of a million review posts to do- arghhhhh.

Thats my life at the moment in a nutshell... back to the point of the post- June Favourites.
Q10 Eye Cream- I bought this at the start of June from one of mine and Stephy's favourite shops in the world ever- Home Bargains, for the bargain price of £1.19. Believe it or not, its reduced the dark circles from under my eyes and is very hydrating. A little goes a very long way. Plus for £1.19 its not breaking the bank. Tip for you all- check out the health and beauty stuff in HB you will be pleasently suprised.

Benefit Her Glossiness (Life on the A-List)- sums my life up really doesn't it lol. This was my all time favourite lipgloss years and years ago before getting hit by the Mac bug. I believe Benefit actually discontinued it, but then have they relaunched it (??). This is a fab pink colour, which lasts on your lips for ages. If you are used to the taste/smell of Mac products, this lipgloss smells/tastes rancid, but for some reason the smell of it reminds me of Thurday nights out with Holly in Walkabout getting mortal off £20 (oh the memories).

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara- You all know how I love this mascara and recently it has been neglected. However I've been wearing this for work, and I just love it. Nuff said on the matter.

Soap and Glory Heel Genius- not to be used on your feet, but actually as hand cream. Seriously if you have this, try it as hand cream. Its the best invention ever. Heavy duty moisturizer for your hands. I keep this on my desk at work at the soap in the dispensers really dry your hands out. A little goes a long way though.

Tommyguns Colour Save Intensive Masque- I was initally sent this product along with some other Tommyguns products to review (reviews to come), and I've since bought another tub from John Lewis. I use this once a fortnight as a deep conditioning treatment for my red hair. I don't really want to go into too much detail here as I want to save it for my review, but this works wonders on your hair. This is better than Philip Kingsley products, and even better a quarter of the price.

China Glaze (Below Deck)- I don't really feel like this is a summery nail polish, however I do think its more of a going out/work nail polish. Some say this is a dupe for Chanel Paradoxal, however I am not convinced. I'm going to have a proper play with this, and JEMs Barry M Dusky Mauve and Models Own Purple Grey. I do love this colour, although it does chip easy (wait til you see the notd post).

Burts Bees Lipbalm (Mango)- After seeing Take That for some reason my lips were very chapped, and no amount of my old faithful chapstick was getting my lips back to normal. Stephy actually recommended this as she swears by the pomegranette one. Its done the job- it tastes/smells lush and my lips are in tip top condition. However I am missing the chapstick...

Mac Typographic Eyeshadow- I'm 99.9% sure I've mentioned this eyeshadow in other monthly favourites, however this is my all time favourite eyeshadow. Lately when doing out I've been having more of a golden smokey eye with woodwinked, all that glitters, satin taupe and print instead of my normal grey/black staple. However after deciding on a smokey eye and rediscovering my love for this I have been using this more. I prefer this to carbon, as with carbon you have to build the colour up, where with typographic boom the colour is there. Both myself and Holly also used this for our make up on her hen do- I think Holly is a convert to this now.

Some swatches for you.
Left- Life on the A List and Right- Typographic (this is what it looks like- the colour hasn't been built up).

I still have items for sale on my two blog sales (see two posts below). I am also willing to do offers on products (email me).

Have a fab weekend chickadees.