This isn't the suprise video post by the way, YouTube yet again last night was been a word which rhymes with runt (pardon my french). Therefore in times of desperation I have decided to post...

a face of the day

Now before you all end up projectile vomiting etc, this is going to be a once in a blue moon type of post. I don't actually know why I am posting this as you can't really pick some of the products up on the picture. If you look at the pictures from the hen weekend you can see my make up better. This make up is more of an extreme version of my smokey eye for a night out, as well as the back combed hair. I had to go through the hotel like this to get to Stacey's room on Saturday night with my bikini cover up dress on (always wear this when I'm doing my hair and make up) and I felt like one of the lasses from Geordie Shore.

So without further ado...
Check out my MySpace esq picture (I really don't know how to take fotd pictures any advice would be appreciated).

I also look like a twat.

Benefit Boi-ing (shade 2) on my eyes as a primer.
Mac Select Moisturecover Concealer (NW20).
Mac MSFN in Medium Deep.
Mac MSFN in Soft and Gentle (as highlight)
Mac Melba Blush.
Mac Bronzer in Refined Golden.

All Mac eyeshadows.
Shroom as a base.
Elecktra all over lid.
Knight Devine in crease.
Typographic blended in and above (I really don't know the technical names) and below eye.
Vanilla as a brow highlight.

Mac Creme d'nude (my new favourite nude lippy)

I sound like a right Mac fiend.

Foxy Locks Instant Beehive (link)
3 wefts of my old Additional Lengths hair extensions- dyed to match my hair colour. (link)
Backcombed like a good un using my denman brush.

Really need to remember to get my new hair extensions dyed as even though they matched my old hair colour, they need to be redone. Roll on next weekend to get that done. Off shopping to Newcastle tomorrow- my first proper shopping trip in over a month. Well excited- if you see a nutter with red hair running through Eldon Square tomorrow, that will be me haha.

Have a fab weekend everyone and fingers crossed I can get this video onto YouTube!!