Hurrah its only bloooooooooooooooooddddddddyyyyyyyy Friday.

Tres excited for the weekend- Harry Potter tomorrow in Imax 3D (I want my HP 3D specs too) with my darling Stephy, with a spot of shopping and then some excessive brew drinking at hers. I need to find my tissues cause I have a gut feeling I am going to be blaring like a baby. Daring to try St Tropez lotion tonight on my top half, that should be interesting.

Anyway last night Kayleigh was bbm-ing me a dress which she is wanting to wear when we go out next Saturday night (I miss our perving on fit men in Buddha sessions), and it got me thinking about buying a new dress for next Saturday. I've seen one I like from Reiss, however its sold out online in my size (typical). However while making a brew for everyone in the office, wet look leggings popped up in my brain. Yes I have random thoughts. Now you all know I love my wet look leggings (seen here and here) and to me I normally associate them with A/W, however if the weather continues the way it is, I think I may dare to venture out in them next Saturday night.

I can see people out in leggings and admire how fab they look, however I think I am stuck in a dress rut (ie never feel dressed enough unless I'm wearing a dress). A quick look on google, I found these two images...

Seriously though, how effortlessly chic and "just thrown together" do they look. Oh how I wish I looked like this on a night out. Then I got thinking.. "who always looks fab in wet look leggings"..

Queen LC.

How fabulous do these outfits look!!!

From looking at these images I definately want to embrace the whole leather leggings look in Summer, first need to buy a new pair from Topshop mine are looking a bit tatty now. I actually do have aspotty Topshop blouse... hmmm ideas ideas.

Let me know what your thoughts are on Leather/Wet Look Leggings, would you wear them for a night out?? Do you feel "dressed" in them?? I really want to know.

Have a fab weekend everyone!!