Considering I'm now off the spending ban I have found a new found obsession for fashion. I'm feeling like I want a wardrobe overhaul. As I'm getting older and more wiser I'm starting to think about investing money in more classic items (this is the excuse I use when buying my Chanel lol), hence my current obsession with embellished skirts. More specifically All Saints embellished skirts.

Aztec Skirt, Kori Mini Skirt, Shell Skirt, Paloma Skirt (priced between £115-195).

As you may have noticed last week, I was selling a Devo skirt on here, in a nutshell due to All Saints dodgy sizing the 12 which fit well in the aztec skirt, was about 2 sizes too big in the Devo skirt I bought off ebay. Moral of the story- try the skirts on in the shop before ordering. I've ordered the Shell skirt from the site to see what the fitting is like in an 8 (thinking its going to be like the devo ie weighs a ton). But then I am loving the aztec skirt more.

Chaztec Skirt, Devo Skirt, Aztec Skirt, Chan Skirt (priced £115-165).

I'm really wanting one of these skirts, as I don't think they won't go out of fashion. I always feel All Saints clothing is classic and never age. These skirts can be teamed with a white/grey/black vest or tee, a killer pair of heels and there you have it, a effortlessly cool outfit for a night out. Then when it starts to get colder pair with a leather jacket or a blazer- the leather jacket will toughen the outfit up for a edgier look, and the blazer will make it more sophisticated.

Thats my arguement for buying one haha. After trying the heavy devo skirt on, personally I would recommend one of the sequinned ones as you know you wont loose beads if you sit down etc. My favourites have got to be the shell skirt (however I think it looks quite plain if that makes sense- but its still lush) and then the Aztec Skirt (second row) and the Chaztec Skirt.

Do you own any of these skirts? Whats your favouites??
30 day shred is starting today- wish me luck!!