*warning- photo heavy/men in tights*

I am finally recovered from Holly's hen weekend!! I couldn't really mention much on the blog leading up to Holly's hen do as she reads the blog and I couldn't risk reveling any of the suprises for her. As "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" is her favourite film of all time, she wanted the theme of her hen weekend to be Rocky Horror. Luckily Stacey had managed to find a company which do Rocky Horror Murder Mystery weekend (www.murdermostfoul.co.uk) so last weekend we went to Stratford  Manor in Stratford upon Avon.

Basically we spent all of the weekend in the hotel, bar a trip into Stratford on the Saturday morning (spent £6 in H+M on a skirt and tee- check me out bargain hunter), so it was quite a cheap weekend for us all. I've kinda had to be careful when putting some of the pictures online as I didn't want to cause any offence to anyone. Also the photos (bar the first one) are of me and Holly as none of the other girls know about the blog.

So here is our weekend in a nutshell... I should get a picture of my bruised back from Holly abusing me..

Stacey, Elaine, Sally, Moi, The Bride to be.
Holly finding something amusing.

Retro MySpace poses.
Posing with my props.

A present I stole from the lobby for Holly.
Moho with her special hat and glass- before she did a runner to bed.


Attacked by streamers.
Abusing Brian May look a like

Roger aka Rocky, Moho aka Frank n Furter and some random drunk.
Spot the lady (Holly's outfit was the best by far)

Holly's fab outfit!!
Outfit- ebay
Make up- done herself (Pixiwoo tutorial)
Hair- her own afro

Outfit- Ann Summers.
Black tutu- ebay
Tights- Henry Holland (which now have a hole in them RIP)
Boots- Topshop.

I think Holly is still buzzing from her weekend away- roll on her second hen do down Durham on 13th August (which is also JEMs first night out on the drink since bambino). Fingers crossed if the video will upload onto YouTube there may be a special treat for you all tomorrow.