I am shattered from Holly's hen weekend- all this week's posts (bar this and le Blog Stalker) will be about the hen weekend. Was fab to see Holly so happy and hyper all weekend, and her dreams came true... haha. I'll share the video with you all next week.

Thought I'd do a sneaky outfit of the day post from the other week when I was out with Kayleigh in good old Dirrrrrty Duzza. I love this dress, its one of those dresses that you can wear time and time again and it never looks dated. Its the grey version of the blue CiCi for Topshop dress I wore on my holidays (see here). You can always find these on ebay if you want one- dirt cheap too. Not impressed with my tan here- the flash has totally washed it out (St Tropez top half of body, He-Shi dark mousse on legs- don't ask but it works).
Grey dress- CiCi for Topshop.
Studded double wrap belt- Topshop.
Chanel XL Jumbo
Asos Watch.
Leopard Print Heels- New Look.

An outfit of the day post wouldn't be the same without me posing in my usual spot in Buddha...

Just chilling out with the Fat Buddhas.