Hurrah its Friday- so glad its nearly the weekend. My weekend is going to be spent, sorting out all my make up items and cleaning up all my nail polishes (ie getting rid of all the dried crap around it)- sad I  know, but I'm actually looking forward to it. I also have 20 episodes of Cougar Town on my Sky+ to watch too. Woohooo.

Anyway, since the weather up in the North East has kinda been glorious, I thought another Summery nail shade was in order. I first bought this when it was released and all the bloggers had been going crazy over this, however as I had la nail extensions on, it looked wrong. Tbh I'm back in that buying nail polish again craze, which I need to snap out of as I'm supposed to be watching the money this month. That will be stopping from right this minute. So this colour has been overlooked on many occasion. Until now..

Barry M Blue Moon.

Left- natural light, Right- with flash.

Ahem- ignore the state of my cuticals, that will be getting sorted out at the weekend. So blue moon, bluey moonie... hmmm I don't really like you that much. You don't make me feel summery due to your crappy application.
Now you all know my pet hate about nail polish (see post here), and I think this polish has to be the worst offender of the lot- look at the state of my index and middle fingers. They're practically see through, and this is with two coats. I've done a third coat on my little finger and as you can see its still see through, however I could live with this. I'm not going to totally dismiss the polish as an epic fail, I'll try it again with three coats and see how I feel. If I'm still not convinced, I'll palm it off to JEM.

What are your thoughts??

I've now got this stuck in my head
Pennnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn