So today's post is a review of Superdrug's Nail Whitening Tablets which I mentioned in my beauty haul post on Monday. I've seen quite a lot of reviews of these on the net, and I thought I would give it a try. Now since my false nails have been off, my nails have actually been in quite good condition, however due to the dreaded fake tan (even though I only put it on when I'm wearing nail polish) and on occasions "forgetting" aka couldn't be bothered to put a base coat on my nails before going out on a Saturday night. The other week while in Superdrug I thought I would pick a packet up to try.
So for £2.99 you get a pack of 6 tablets which I don't think is bad value. The packet states that you should use one-two tablets per hand, however I used two tablets and just dunked my hands in the bowl for 15 minutes. The package warns that your nails and skin may be dry afterwards and to use handcream. Mine weren't however I used handcream to be on the safe side.

So this is what my nails looked like before- with no traces of nail polish. As you can see there is discolouration towards the tip of my nails. I also have deposits of Opi Lincoln Park After Dark on my ring finger, which will not budge.

Ready for the dunk

And these are my nails afterwards- any difference?? Nope nothing at all. In all honestly I think these tablets are a waste of money. It actually looks like I'm using the same pictures as my before, but I can assure you its two seperate lots of pictures.
Would I recommend them? Nope use the £2.99 to buy yourself a Barry M nail polish instead.

Have you used these tablets before? How do you get rid of discoloured nails?