Happiness personified

Midi Dress- Primark (new in)
Belt- New Look
Face like a slapped arse- priceless

Current thoughts-
-Can't wait to get my hair coloured next week ready for Moho's wedding.
-Saturday night was carnage.
-Light bulbs don't fix studs coming off my piercing.
-It takes two people to get me out of my shoes outside Loveshack on a saturday night.
-The dress is massive and its a size 8 (whats going on with Primark's sizing).
-Seeing my raunchy treacle Muccy tomorrow night for the first time in months and months for chicken wraps and junk in Lloyds (retro). Belly bounce.
-I need a get rich quick scheme... or a evening job.
-I am HATING fantasy football... the champion is wanting to quit.
-Ebay, why watch a buy it now?? POINTLESS.