Hello everyone,

It's me BabyJEM

Mummy is very lax and pathetic at writing blog posts recently, I have read (from sitting on her lap) some of your comments asking Where Is She? (I is a very clever 3 month old and can make puns based on the blogs name, see?) so I have taken over and am going to write my first ever beauty blog post.  And I will call it:


Honestly, it's ridiculous. She's always trying to get me to take naps so she can raid my own beauty products and toiletries for herself. She needs to buy her own!!! This is the stuff that belongs to me that mummy can't live without.

1. Johnson's Baby Oil.  I think mummy has already written about how she can't live without this here but she's still nicking the stuff some 9 months later...

2. Johnson's Baby Wipes.  After a tip off from Auntie Ray (and I will punch her in the nose for this later) mummy has started stealing these when she dyes her hair at home.  Apparently, they do a wonderful job at cleaning off the hair dye from her face without staining, all I know is they feel wonderfully moist and soft on my little tushie.

3. Talc/Baby Powder.  Hahaha, everyone point and laugh at my mummy cos she's still carying some baby weight around (she says, I know it's really Cadbury's that is to blame and not sweet little me!) and she uses this to stop her fat thighs chafing together when the weather is hot.

4. Johnson's Baby Bath.  Mummy uses MY bath foam/soap to cleanse her makeup brushes, she loves the handy pump dispenser too.  She'd better leave me some for bathtime otherwise I will get my revenge by screaming the place down every night (muhahaha)

5. Sudocrem.  Meant for my cute wee butt, but Mum uses it when she gets a pimple (another tip from Auntie Ray, seriously I owe her such a big punch in the nose now!) and also when her jewellery causes her to get a little rash on her fingers.  It's a good job I don't need it that often, she's already stolen the little tub.

6. Miamoo Spritz and Wipe.  This is a cooling spray that's free of any nasty chemicals to help me through the summer, but I notice mummy occasionally 'accidentally' misses me with the spritz and gets her own face instead. 

7. Bepanthen Baby Sun Cream SPF 50+ we both share this as mummy says it's very important to slip, slop, slap during the summer.  I'll let her get away with this one as she says sun cream is a serious bizness. 

Anyway, that's me signing out.  I have to turn the TV over to Supernanny now, she is teaching me how to be evils to my mummy.