Due to my fantastic blogging skills I forgotto schedule this post for last Friday, so here it is today instead. Now we all know how I love my fake tan however I'm not going to bore you again with my raving. Now when the lovely ladies over at BeautyLab asked if I would like to try their new peptide tan* I jumped at the chance. They also kindly sent a bottle of their skin polish exfoliator*.

BeautyLab say that the product is "A deeply hydrating tanning lotion formulated with a tan inducing peptide to provide a golden sun-kissed and streak-free tan. Blended with rainforest cocoa, rose petal, jasmine and passion flower, it has a hint of guava and melon for a delicious aroma. Loved by all skins".

Now you all know that when I test a fake tan I always test it on my legs first. The days leading up to the weekend I used the skin polish, and considering its not as "gritty" as I like my exfoliators it did a bloody good job in getting rid of all my dead skin/remains of fake tan. Also if you occasionally use it on your face, your face feels REALLY clean afterwards- just don't use it all the time or you'll scrub your skin off.

Tan and Body Polish

Onto the tan, now what amazed me was the colour- look how light it is. Now for a more experienced tanner I don't think this would put you off, however for a newbie, I think this would be a bit worrying. The colour of it reminds me of Toffee Yoghurt, however instead of smelling like toffee infact it smells very citrusy- no horrid smell of curry/digestives.

After tanning- note no guide colour.

I applied this with my tanning mitt, and it felt like I actually used more product than I should have, as the mitt absorbed quite a lot. However if you used bare hands or latex gloves, you wouldn't have this problem. I should warn you now, that when this is rubbed into the skin there is NO guide colour and it is basically clear. If you are in doubt whether you have missed a spot, I recommend just going back over it. However don't let this put you off, as if by magic...

We have tan!!

Now I have to admit I would use a couple more coats of this on my legs if I was going on a night out, but for work, one coat of this is more than enough for a hint of colour. I would definately recommend this to people who are a fake tan newbie, or who just want a bit of colour, not for the hardcore bronzed goddesses out there.

Beauty Lab is avalible online for £17 here