Looking in my drafts, I have a 1001 beauty posts which I have never gotten around to posting, so for one week only "Who is She" is going to be a beauty blog to see if I can start to clear this backlog of posts. So to kick start the week off, I thought I would share with you my little secret which keeps both fake and if your lucky to have been on holiday your real tan looking good.

Ever since I can remember Hawaiian Tropic has always been the suntan lotion of choice in my house, so any time I smell this it always reminds me of holidays. I initally started using this about 6 years ago when I went away with the girls (Moho was one of them) to Zante as an aftersun.

As you can see the cream is very thick and a little goes a long way. However don't be fooled/put off by the consistency of this as your skin will absorb this super fast. Also the smell lasts all day..nom. I use this every day without fail and a tub will last me on average 6-8 weeks. For some reason Boots sell this for £10.99 a tub, however.. get yourself to Home Bargains and its only £3.99 a tub. It used to be £1.49, then £2.99 but still £3.99 is better than paying over a tenner for it.

I honestly could rave about this product all day, however if you want more proof about how much I love this..just look at this

Yup I have a stash of 5 tubs.. You never know when HB may stop stocking them...

If you love the smell of HT suntan lotion- you definately need to try this!!