I love reading people's posts on their lipstick collections, so I thought I would follow suit and post my modest-by-some-standards collection of Mac lippies. I think before properly getting into blogging, I would have to say that I was a lipgloss girl (Mac Florabundance) and lipsticks were a no go area for me. However thats all changed, and I don't wear lipgloss any more.

Can you spot the theme in my collection...
(left-right) Myth, Creme d'Nude, Hue, Shy Girl, Plink!, Patisserie, Creme Cup, Angel, Lovelorn, Viva Glam Gaga, Pervette, Cut A Caper, Impassioned.

I do love a good nude lippy. Each time I go to the Mac counter and I look at the nude lipsticks, the in joke is "don't you not already own that". Possibly I do. Coloured lipsticks don't suit me at all. The brighest lipstick I'll wear is Cut A Caper, which on me looks coral, however on Holly it looks completely different and matches her colouring. Bizarre.

I think I prefer Mac lippies as they're quite hydrating on the lips and don't dry your lips out. Also I think its just a force of habit that when I want a new lipstick, I'll go to Mac. I've tried to get swatches for you, but probably due to my cack photographic skills, it was a pain to get swatches in the light, and also cause I'm covered in fake tan- colours dont show up that well, so it may be worth while googling the colours for better swatches.

Am I actually missing any nude Mac lippies?? If so let me know