As I'm starting to get back in the holiday mood (5 weeks on Sunday), I was having a random think (as you do) at work about what sunglasses I should be taking with me. However I then decided that a cheeky duty free purchase may be needed. So I thought today I would do a post on my modest collection of RayBan sunglasses. Personally I prefer to spend my money on RayBans, purely because a) they last ages and ages, b) I know for the price I pay for them I'll look after them and c) I think of the brand as iconic.

So onto my teeny collection (I've also been playing with the apps on my iPhone too like a geek). I'll mention where I bought mine from, however if you do a search on google you'll be able to find good offers.


Both models are RB3025 with gold frames, top lenses are in green (classic aviator) and the bottom lenses are brown. The green aviators were the first pair of RayBans I bought and I think I paid approx £89 for them from Sunglasses Hut 6 years ago. The brown pair was bought from Duty Free last year. In all honesty I normally reach for the green ones over the brown lenses. I'm thinking the green pair will be coming on holiday with me (no swollen eyes for me).


Original Wayfarers RB2140 in black with green lenses. Clubmaster in RB3016 in mock tortoise and green lenses. To me both of these sunglasses represent what the RayBan brand is about- they are iconic. Now I don't want to upset anyone who reads this, and this is my personal opinion but I don't understand the fad in coloured wayfarers- original wayfarers came in either tortoise or plain black.. why ruin a good thing?? Stick to the original. However I do like the coloured inserts on the wayfarers- black on the outside, coloured on the inside. I recieved this as a gift for Christmas last year, I think the parents bought them from Fenwicks in Newcastle.

Now I don't really wear my clubmasters that often, as when I was literally paying for them in House of Fraser I recieved some bad news about a friend and everytime I wear these, I'm reminded of what happened. Normally I don't wear them for long periods of time as they really hurt the bridge of my nose. I think I paid about £80 for these as they were in the sale in HoF.

However, last time I was in Newcastle I tried the new oversized Wayfarers on- they're basically the same size as my reading glasses (also Raybans) however I can't find a picture of them any where online. Although I wouldn't say no to a pair of these..

RB Orb2140 £112.

Lush as.

What sunglasses can you not live without??