Todays NOTD post is actually a shade which I have talked about already on the blog, however I've finally got around to posting it. I'd initally seen this colour on Emma's blog and noted it as a potential polish for Holly's wedding, and luckily for me she loved it.

Opi- Steady As She Rose

Now as the name of the polish to me kinda suggests a pinky colour though the use of "rose", this isn't the case. How would I describe it? More of a pale lilac/grey/milky white polish. Regardless I LOVE this colour, its dressy enough for a wedding, for a night out and for work (currently have this on my nails)- what more do you want in a polish?? 

In comparison to other OPI nail polishes (and like Over the Taupe), this polish was quite watery when I put the first coat on. I'm warning you now under no circumstances will you be able to get away with wearing the one coat. On my pictures I am actually wearing 3 coats, only due to the fact that I chipped two of my nails putting chair covers on chairs.

Ignore the state of my cuticles.

The polish lasted a good 4-5 days without chipping, however this was over a bank holiday weekend so I wasn't using a computer. However currently I'm on the third day wearing this typing away on my computer and there is only a teeny tiny bit of wear, so I think this could beat the bank holiday record. I bought mine off ebay (beautyzone2007) for approx £5 including p+p from America.

If you love Models Own Utopia, I definately recommend this.