4 weeks on Sunday!!

Get me out of this country!!

So on the 23rd October I'm off on my jollys again back to Tenerife (it better be roasting)- now after last time's escapade I have now invested in a hat and factor 35+ suntan lotion for my face, and will be drinking a gallon of water everyday. Lesson learnt.

However I was wondering if (like last time) any of you would be interested in doing some guest posts on here?? You can blog about whatever you want, as long as the content is original and hasn't been posted else where. I have 8 slots avaliable so if you are interested, leave your name and email address below and I'll be in touch, first come, first served and all that jazz.

Now I actually need to go and book this holiday, and figure out how I'm going to manage with 15kg of luggage :s

*Normal blogging should resume shortly, I'm busying attempting to do a new layout*