Hello, I'm Kate from Recent Treats.  My little blog is my little rambling scrapbook of about my life - I write about things I've done, what I'm wearing, shops, beauty, recipes - pretty much whatever takes my fancy!  I just want to say thanks to Ray for letting me post whilst she's away and I'm pretty jealous of her being in the sun! 

My little post is about my favourite night out - Halloween fancy dress!

Every year me and my friends go out on the Halloween weekend dressed up.  We all go round to someone's house to get ready (and have a few drinks!) then we head out to a nightclub in town where it's odd NOT to be in fancy dress on the Saturday nearest to Halloween.  We've never had a bad night yet!  The fun part is spending the few weeks beforehand deliberating on which costumes to wear.  I'm not a fan of the whole 'cos it's Halloween I'm going to go out in my underwear look', and so this year I've put together some Polyvore boards as inspiration for classy Halloween fancy dress ideas...

We're torn between devils and witches this year - whatever we chose I'm already set on having huge backcombed hair, dark gothic eyes with huge eyelashes, black nails and big heels! What are you going to go as for Halloween this year??