So ladies, the meet up is exactly 3 weeks today!! Are you all excited yet??

In a nut shell the plan for the day is as follows-

Meeting at Corn Exchange between 11.30-12.30

Lunch at Red Hot Buffet. Menu can be found here.

Then after that its up to you what you want to do, we can go shopping, or prop a bar up somewhere.

We were then thinking before we all leave for either our nights out/go home, we could all meet up for a couple of drinks?

I know Ellie and Liloo are going out on the night, so if you want any details of whats happening then, either tweet them or catch them on the day.

Right so who is coming-

Me and Tor

I'm going to book a table for us, so if you can reply to the email I sent you last week just so I can get numbers, or leave a comment below.

Hope you can all still come xxx