Two days running with me inflicting pictures of myself upon you all- whatever have you done to deserve this. Actually blame my lazyness, you were supposed to be reading a product review today, however blogger has deleted my pictures and I need to go and upload them off my laptop.
May have accidently skived the gym last night after work- really couldn’t be bothered with it, so instead I spent a night with my favourite adopted family- the Kardashians. On a random note, how much of a crank is Kris (Kim’s bloke)?? Seriously he does my nut in.
Anyway I’m doing my party piece and going off on one- the outfit below was worn for Laura’s birthday night out down town a few weeks ago. I actually had decent hair that night, typical considering how hot it was, so as soon as I got into the first bar with JEM my hair decides to drop good and proper. Also antibiotics and alcohol don’t mix kids- hangover from hell on the Sunday morning.
Really loving these vests from Topshop, only £28 but can be dressed up or down, really like the zip detailing to the back too. Only downside with this vest is that its quite short in the body, shame they don’t do this in the cream in the tall section. However they sell it in loads of colours, so if you can get your hands on one- it’s a wardrobe staple. Still in love with my All Saints shell skirt, although its starting to get baggy on me- I refuse to part with it though.
Shell Skirt- All Saints
Shoes- Topshop last year
Vest- Topshop
Bag- Chanel
Cuff- Topshop

(blog title- some stupid lad smashed a pint glass next to my foot en route to taxi, cue me having a paddy/bleeding toe)