Have you missed "Who is She"?? Have you?? Of course you have... well you bloody well better have!!
Yes today marks a new beginning for the blog- we're going bigger and better. We want to take our posts to the next level- how we do that, we'll figure it out on the way.
Just a few things to point out to you- have a look in the side bar, there's a list of featured blogs.. have a read of them in a second. Each rolling month those blog buttons will be changing.. if you want your blog featuring there, click on the marketing tab at the top for more details (or if you can't be arsed to click, email me). The deadline for next month's buttons will be a bit early with me going away, I will need them by no later than Friday 21st.
What else.. Blog Stalker is back, I've got a 1001 posts to get through, a backlog of hauls, quite a lot of product reviews, the Leeds Blogger Meet up, some guest posts by some of my friends, holiday guest posts.. the list goes on.
As always thank you for sticking with us, and your support. I need to say a massive thank you to Laura, Jules and Ellie for their help with the blog layout and a massive thank you to Ana for her design work.

Oh and incase you forgot what me and JEM look like..
Red hot bar in town + rammed full + sweltering heat = this... (the it all went down hill)