Warning- picture heavy.
For something which feels like months in the making (well planning) the Leeds Blogger Meet Up has been and gone. I’m not going to lie my heart was pounding when I got off the train with Tor and my partner in drunken crime Ellie, as I’m useless when I meet new people, however what a waste of energy as I’ve never met such a lovely bunch of people.

In a nutshell the day involved a fabulous lunch at Red Hot Buffet, followed by a touch of shopping and then pub time. Tor was absolutely brilliant in organising some fab goodie bags for everyone- I’ll do a separate post on that later in the week.

Such a brilliant, with some fabulous people- I’ll let the pictures do the talking (I've linked everyone who came at the bottom of the post)..

Me, Tor, Laura, Charlotte, Sinead, Ellie
Me and Laura
Sinead, Charlotte, Maxine, Lauren, Haidee, Caroline.
Carla, Gem, Jo, Hollie, Tor
Dan and Clare
Gem, Jo and Hollie (well impressed with their goodies)
Lauren and Haidee swatching to the max
Laura and Caroline

Lauren, Me and Laura
Caroline and Gem
Gem and Lauren doing their ootd poses

Gem, Victoria and Lauren

Victoria, Lauren and Dan
Kirstie, Caroline, Tor and Gem

Lauren and the Chanel
I feel in love with these shoes- you will be mine on 30th November.
Bubblegum ice cream- me and Laura were amazed!!

If your not following their blogs, go and do it now, I'm not asking you to, its an order!!

Massive thank you to everyone who came!!

Oh #Raysbirthdayleeds28thJan