Hi Ladies,
Saturday is getting closer and closer for the #Leedsbloggermeet. Myself and Tor can’t wait to meet you all, and you know that we’re all going to be causing scenes on Saturday.

Before I go any further if you are planning on coming and haven’t replied to the emails which have been sent or the tweets please can you do so.

The list of attendees as it stands (including Twitter names) is

Me (@RayWhoisShe)
Tor (@Tornumber9)
Ellie (@missy_ellie_uk)
Charlotte (@charlobsessions)
Sinead (@daintydollymix)
Carla (@carlito86)
Hayley (@LilHay)
Liloo (@tsunimee)
Gem (@gemmaantonia)
Caroline (@sparklyvodka)
Haidee (@haidee_pants)
Lauren (@laurensdressingroom)
Maxine (@maxinecassidy)
Dan (@danielle_stott)
Catherine (@perfectpolished)
Laura (@lora505)
Kirstie (@ohkirstiejones)
Summer (@littlemissnc25)
Charli (@SBTCDCharli) (fingers crossed)
Mine, Tor and Ellie’s train will be getting into Leeds at 11.08 (apparently) so if any of you would like us to wait for you at the station let us know.
So the plan of action is as follows-
Meet at the Corn Exchange between 11.30-12.30 in Anthony’s CafĂ© (thank you to Summer for the recommendation).
12.30- Lunch at Red Hot Buffet (menu can be found here).
Afterwards- either shopping (Primark has been requested and it would be morally wrong not to go to Harvey Nics) or drinks around the bars (purely optional as to what you want to do).
Meet about 4-4.30ish for more drinks (we’re open to suggestions as to where to go etc).
Mine and Tor’s train is just after 6, however if you contact Catherine (@perfectlypolished) she is arranging the night time do.
Oh I nearly forgot to say that Charlotte and Maxine are going to be making Vlogs of the day/night. You know its going to be messy.
If you have any questions/suggestions please let me know either comment/email/tweet me or Tor.
Hope to see you all on Saturday xxx
Ps- if anyone is worried about being stranded etc and you want my mobile number to keep in contact let me know.