it's that time of the month again (not that time you filthy mares) its RayBox time.

Lets go over the rules..
£10 of your money to be spent on whatever beauty products you want for that month.
Whats the best thing about a RayBox... its psychic- it reads your mind as to what you want and ironically you get everything you want.

So what did I get in my RayBox this month..

Oh my god, my RayBox has come in a RayHand?? WTF 
Seriously its all about the hand!! Pfffft boxes are soooo last season.

Oooo what is in the hand??
Ooooo its my favourite name in the entire world- Chanel!!
You know I'm a sucker for the double C.

I blame Charlotte for making me need this in my life.

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Emerveille.
Just look at it- its sooooo pretty.

I've only worn this a couple of times and I am impressed, I don't use the brush which came with it, but instead a small eyeshadow brush from Asda. The staying power is brilliant.

Normally I would wear this with Mac Painterly as a base. However if you want a fab golden smokey eye- use All that Glitters as a base, then use Woodwinked and Satin Taupe in the crease (all Mac shadows), and then a flick of black eyeliner.

I got this from Duty Free at Newcastle Airport for £18 (yes I may have been slightly over my RayBox budget, but its bloody Chanel- thou shall not be deprived of Chanel).