A bit of a different post about the famous Liz Earle cleanse, tone and moisturise routine for you today- how I used two of these products abroad.

I know 99.9% of you all swear by this skin care routine both day and night, every day, however when I’m back home, I actually only use these every other day on a night (I can hear the gasps from you all). However in an attempt to prevent any face swelling yet again while I was in Tenerife, the toner and the cleanse and polish were life savers to me after a hard day lazing by the pool.

Instead of taking my full sized products, I used my sample cleanse and polish and then I pinched JEMs spritzer bottle for the toner. The reasons why I took these- obviously to save some baggage allowance- every little ounce counts.

So how did I use these products? Firstly as soon as I got to the room- they got put in the fridge. Yes in the fridge- purely to be lovely and cooling on the skin.

First up the cleanse and polish, now I’m assuming you have gotten over the initial shock of me not using this range every day, I did take 3 muslin clothes away with me, however I didn’t use one.

Basically due to keep putting my factor 30 on every hour on the hour, my top lip especially would be very tingley due to the product build up. I would get this out the fridge, coat my face and then go in the shower and use this as a facial soap. My face only felt clean after using this.

Secondly if I felt a spot coming, I would put a dab of this over the spot, leave for at least 30 mins, and the spot would be gone/redness taken out. Multipurpose product.

The toner was an absolute life saver, a multipurpose product and a half-

By keeping it in the fridge I would use this to cool my face down after coming in from the sun, and this method would remove suntan lotion. Then as usual I would use it after coming out of the shower after using the cleanse and polish in the “traditional” way.

Another use of the toner was to reduce puffyness/redness from around my eyes on a morning/afternoon (obviously nothing to do with going to bed at 5am). Just spray on a couple of pieces of cotton wool and then chill out for 10 mins. The freezing cold bottle also comes in handy when you get sunburnt in the most stupid places (ie the one knee), just use it as a mini ice pack.

So there you have it- never judge a product on face value/how you are "supposed" to use it. Make it up as you go along. I'm just hoping Santa brings me the moisituriser cream now.