..Works Christmas Party.

As promised here is my potential outfits for tonight- 2 of them are still in the bag from Asos on my bedroom floor. Not impressed with River Island, ordered two dresses on Sunday they still haven't been dispatched... VERY disapointed with them, so I sent a ranty email to them last night. Best thing is take a guess as to which dress I am wanting to wear tonight- yes the River Island one.

Anyway these are the choices-

Coral and Pink Grecco Twist Front Dress- Aqua (via Asos) £22.50 each (you read right)
Bronze Metallic Shift Dress- £35 River Island

The buggers which still haven't come-

Silver (left) and Gold (right) Zig Zag Shift Dress, River Island (£28 each).

Off to get my hair coloured and shellac on my nails- what colour to go for??

What dress do you think I'll be wearing tonight?? Lets have a cheeky wager on it