Very quick post from me today, I need to get sorted and get all my Christmas shopping done online in the next few days, so instead of sorting out this weeks blog posts I’ve been too busy looking for potential gifts for people.
First things first, the winner of the bracelet giveaway is
Can you email me your address to so I can get it posted out to you in the next week.
Yes the Christmas Office Night out has been and gone, the River Island dresses got delivered yesterday, so they’ll be getting sent straight back. I’m going to do a separate post on what dress I eventually ended up choosing later on in the week. However I’ve had a couple of tweets and Cher commented yesterday asking what the Bronze Dress looks like in person.. here it is..
I think it looks better on the website as it looks like the gold and black metallic dresses, but when you see it in person its completely different. It looks scaly if that makes sense. Did I wear this on Friday night?? You’ll just have to wait and see.
More tomorrow xx