This nail polish was mentioned in my monthly favourites (here) and here’s the proper review of it. From today’s post onwards this is the new format for notd posts- its all good me saying to you a polish lasts x amount of days before chipping, but the proof is in the pudding. I’m going to show you the state of my nails right before taking the polish off so you can see for yourself whether the polish is still going strong. Its worth noting that on average I’m typing on a keyboard for 8 hours a day, then there is my phone etc.

As you may have noticed on Models Own Juicy Jules and OPI Rainbow Connection have been very popular lately throughout the beauty community. Nothing beats a good glitter nail polish at this time of year, and in our goodie bags from the Leeds Blogger Meet we received this bobby dazzler.

Pop Beauty Nail Glam

(Ignore the state of my cuticals- they're getting sorted on Friday when I get shellac)

Just look how pretty it is in the bottle- best thing is it only took 2 coats to get this intensity!! I think the major draw back with glitter nail polishes is that regardless of how many pictures you take you can never capture the true sparklyness of a polish.

Now I painted my nails (with a clear base coat first) on Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago, and this is what it looked like the following Friday night right before taking it off.

Pretty impressive or what?? As you can see by the arrows there is very little tip wear/chips on the polish. Normally I find nail polish fades after a couple of days, but I can confirm that the nails are as sparkly as they were on Saturday when painted. The only downside of glitter polish is taking it off, the polish would not budge. It took a good 15 minutes to thoroughly remove this.

Pop Beauty is available online and in Debenhams.

(I have marked this with a * as I received this in a goodie bag from a PR company, however as always reviews are 110% honest)