*scheduled post*

I can’t remember if this post is due to go out on Wednesday or Thursday, but regardless I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and Santa was good to you all. I’m assuming I’m in a food coma somewhere, however I’m not psychic and if I was I wouldn’t be working.

Every year the last Friday before Christmas is Mad Friday/Black Eyed Friday and basically consists of everyone having their Christmas dos down Durham and getting mortal. This year there was some slight confusion due to people finishing work on the 23rd, however we went with the 16th and keeping up with tradition I joined Michelle’s office on their night out.

I’ll post pictures from the night another time, however Crowd 9 at the Slug basically resulted in me falling over not once, but twice. My backside was completely bruised and I’m sure I lost my dignity by the second time falling over. In my defence the first time someone knocked me over, second time I blame high heels, wet floors and alcohol.

Anyway onto my outfit, as it was Christmas I thought I'd wear something sequin and bright- hence the skirt.

Vest- Topshop
Aztec Skirt- All Saints (last season)
Bag- Chanel XL Jumbo
Boots- Topshop (last winter)
Cuff- Topshop (currently half price in the sale)

I really do love this skirt, however its now too big around the waist and I spent most of the night having to keep pulling it up. Think its going to be getting sold soon :( Had quite a few really nice compliments about the skirt too- so glad it didn't get ruined when I was on the floor lol.

Have you all got your New Years Eve outfit sorted yet??