This would be it.

Unfortunately that is where the love for this polish ends and also the comparisons with our JEM. Many of you will have received a Zoya nail polish in September or October’s Boudoir Prive box, and I received the shade JEM.

As you can see it’s an inky/purple/navy colour with tiny specks of silver glitter in it- which you can see on the picture of the bottle better than on my nails. Very festive/night out appropriate polish you would agree. The only positive about this polish is that when dried the polish is smooth, it doesn’t feel gritty like many glitter polishes. This polish I would say is well out of my comfort zone and to be honest I wouldn't be seen dead with it on my nails for a night out.

I'm warning you now this polish chips like there is no tomorrow.

As you can see I took the above picture two hours after applying the polish and there is already tip wear on my index finger. Not good at all.

The next lot of photos was taken either two (or three I can't remember) days later.

Shocking isn't it.

I don't know if all Zoya polishes have the same consistency/chip rates as this polish, however considering it was technically free I don't feel as cheated by the product if I'd bought it myself. Would I personally buy a Zoya nail polish after this?? Nope.

Breaking up from work for Christmas today at 1.30 woohooo. Counting the minutes down now.

Thats me signing off from the blog now until the New Year- there's a post scheduled for tomorrow with a suprise visitor returning to the blog (its not JEM), and I have a couple more posts planned for next week, but don't worry I'll be reading/commenting on your blogs during my break though. Have a fab christmas everyone, and don't do anything I wouldn't do (so that gives you free reign then).