I think I must be one of the late arrivals who has jumped on the Instagram train, however as of late I've really enjoyed uploading the random pictures I take on my iPhone. Thought I would share with you some of my recent pictures. If you're on Instagram yourself follow me (@raywhoisshe).

Frwend (got to love a bit of The Inbetweeners), Tiny Tower- the game that is more addictive than crack, House of Harlow esq necklace (£2 off ebay, thanks to Victoria), Never a good idea to drink a strawberry milkshake when hungover.

Boost bar eating, Swanley the beaut (got to love MBFGW), Bit of Rick Astley, Holiday fun time.

Flowerbomb family, Duckface with some of my fav bloggers, Skittles ocd, Got to love festive jumpers.

The Saturdays, Lumiere Light Festival in Durham (post to come), Illamasqua blushes at the Leeds event last week (post to come).

Trying to pull the Murs, First red cup of the year, Ignore this picture (I am a spanner), Serious hair envy on my two favourite Kardashians.