Let me tell you a little story- I initially got this polish in January 2010 when Models Own first came out, swatched it, decided I hated the colour and gave it away. Fast forward 20 months and here we are.

I think every time I have been out with Ellie she’s worn this, and every time she’s worn it I’ve asked her where it’s from and it’s been Models Own Utopia. Trying to describe this colour is a job in itself however I would say it’s a pastel lilac/grey colour- not so much a “nude” shade, but something which I would class as a “nude” polish.

Like in my previous notd post, ignore the state of my cuticals I’ve been letting them grow (so to speak) ready for getting shellac (separate post on this to come).

Look how pretty is it, definately one of those nail polishes which I would deem "work" appropriate.
(For some reason Blogger likes to rotate my pictures).

With this colour I would definately suggest two coats, as one coat can look a bit streaky. Like all Models Own colours, the polish dries in record time. For this notd I used a base coat and then two coats of this. I very rarely use top coats with Models Own polishes as I find that they don't need them. Now as the proof is in the pudding- I painted my nails on Friday night and this is what they looked like on the following Friday..

This is not a joking picture at all- one week later and the only chippage is on my middle finger (and a little bit on my index finger). I am going to hold my hands up this isn't even chippage- my nail split and this is the damage it caused. Seriously I have never ever used a polish which has lasted an entire week without any chips.

If you don't have this polish in your collection I would definately recommend it and its only £5.